Dislocated Registers


‘Dislocated Registers - Claudia Brand and Elyse Howe’ exhibited at the 107 Projects, Redfern. 

Heater 2, 2018, inkjet print on paper and wood

Sheets 1, 2018, inkjet print on paper and wood
Rug 2, 2018, inkjet print on paper and glue

Registers quantify and organise the people and objects of civic society and place them within a logical and ordered context. A register is also a distinct way of communicating, to write and to speak in a way that makes sense to a particular audience.

In Dislocated Registers, Claudia Brand and Elyse Howe disrupt and re-order existing public and personal archives. Fragments of recollections spurred by the physical and visual are re-imagined within each artist's schema of process. Merging the physical and the permanent with the psychological and the ephemeral— dislocating content from its original context and situating it in a space of ambiguity, where the audience may derive their own meaning or none at all.

Text by Elyse Howe.