Familiar New


Familiar New is a large scale installation using two walls of a room as well as the space in-between. Hung, placed on the floor, and projected into the space are life-size fragments of images that are drawn from a current or past place personal to me. There is a couch, a large rug, a gas heater, and a wood laminate kitchen cabinet isolated from its set. They are all representative of different times and places, none necessarily relating to another. Each piece is installed in a tangible way. All projections and images are at 1:1 scale and placed on a similar plane to their original object form. For example, the couch is projected onto the wall where it would be found in a room and the rug is projected onto the ground. All together the individual pieces create a space that is familiar to me, and comprehensible to the viewers, but that does not exist in real life, and never did nor will.