Hello! I'm Claudia, an artist and director currently based in Sydney. At the moment you can find me either at Entropico working on the film side or preparing for an upcoming exhibition at SIT Gallery in Darlinghurst. I love working in a cross-disciplinary way seeing how each practice can inform the other. I'm Indian-Australian, grew up in the US and Canada, and have lived around Australia. That history has me super curious about how people react to change, connect to place, and relate to each other. All of which I'm slowly unravelling in my film and art practice. Please feel free to reach out, my contact details are here.

‘Touch’ with Sydney Dance Company and Phoenix
‘Stuck in a Bubble’ with George Alice
‘A little about Claudia Brand’ on Bambini Collections
‘Stitching Together the Past: Claudia Brand’ by Connor Pearce
‘Dislocated Registers’ exhibition text by Elyse Howe